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09:21 @kriscynical Someone didn't know where Arkansas was? Bet they were from somewhere far away from the south...seen that type of thing before #

09:29 @kriscynical ROTFL....My hubby can never remember where Alabama is, but he's lived all his adult life in the NW...but FL? head in butt.... #

09:34 @Godliek The world says Hello back at ya.... #

09:44 @Godliek Fine...working on a story, as usual....compulsive writers 'r us! #

09:52 @bananacave Drinking coffee, reading my gmail and twitter and editing! Time for another cup! #

10:31 @kriscynical I see you haven't been hanging out around the LJ parenting threads. That comment's pretty much how it gets sometimes... #

10:42 @kriscynical true that. And many kids' bratty behaviors could be assault if they were done to strangers, too... #

11:52 Adam Lambert songs are soooo good to work out to....especially fye and the remixes.... #

12:23 @kriscynical That's pretty cool! #

12:23 New Poem: Clotho #poetry #

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