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Oneshot: Finding Home

Guess what?  I wrote an IK fic....(anything to keep from working on my plot outline, maybe).  Takes place at the end of July, 1573

Finding Home

Night had fallen, and their children were asleep.

InuYasha prepared the fire for the night.  Kagome put away the last of the dishes, then began putting away the last of the laundry in the clothing chest.  Neither spoke as they attended to their work, and the silence was uncomfortable.  InuYasha, his right ear twitching, snapped a small branch in half and threw it on the fire, stood up, and moved to the door, sliding it open.  Kagome sighed deeply, put the last of the clothes away and followed him outside. 

He was standing in the open, the moonlight, only a couple of days away from full, cascading over his silver hair.  He didn’t turn to look as moved closer, but instead, turned his face up to the moon.

“The only thing I could think of when those bastards had me trapped in that cesspool they called a temple was getting back to you,” he said.  His fists clenched, even though his voice was soft.  “They kept me in that damn warded room for two months. If it hadn’t been for the Oda attacking, I might still be there now.

“Some point during the siege, the wards failed.”  Taking a deep breath, he looked at her.  “It was raining like hell. I don’t know how I got out of Nagashima in one piece. I ran like hell and only stayed long enough to find my sword.  It was hard getting back.  I had to dodge the crazy Ikko and all the troops there.”

His voice fell silent.  Even in the moonlight, Kagome could see anger, and fear, and yes, shame, too, in his eyes and his face, and how he carried himself.  She walked up to him, rested a hand on his chest.  “But you’re home now,” she said.

InuYasha rested his hand over hers, and drew her closer.  “Why doesn’t it feel real yet?  Why do I feel like I’m still on the run?”

“It’s real,” she said, and gently, rising on her toes, brushed her lips across his.

Suddenly, his arms wrapped around her, crushing her to him, and his lips returned her kiss, needy, intense, hungry, drinking in her taste.  After a moment he pulled away.  His eyes, lit by the moon, glowed with an unearthly light, burning into her.

“Damn it, woman, I need you,” he said, running his fingers through her hair. “I was so afraid I wouldn’t make it back, and you ‘d never know what happened.”

“But you did, and I’m here for you,” she replied.  “Come home, InuYasha.  Let me take you home.”

He kissed her gently on the forehead.  “Yeah, that sounds good.”

Taking his hand, she led him back into the house. knowing that no matter how long it took, together, they would find their home again with each other.

A/N  This story takes place shortly after the second siege of Nagashima  in July, 1573.  Nagashima,  was the location of a string of river island fortresses and defensive works controlled by the Ikkō-ikki, a Buddhist sect made up of peasants and others which fought against the feudal lords. A rainstorm hit Oda Nobunaga's forces just as he was about to open the battle. The rain rendered 90% of  his guns useless and left his men in a terribly weak defensive position. The Ikkō-ikki troops immediately counter-attacked as soon as the rain let up, and even came quite close to killing Nobunaga and he was forced to retreat.


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