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Poem: Night Company

Not fanfic

like the tolling of a bell
off in the distance
shrouded by fog,
the minutes pass
solemn and slow.

It is a time for ghosts
rattling their chains,
and for shadows
hiding deep secrets,
and dreams half-remembered
as I sip my coffee
and wonder why
sleep seems so far away.

Tomorrow, perhaps,
the ghosts will wander somewhere else
to find someone willing
to listen to their wailing
and be terrified,
and the shadows will dissolve
in the noonday light,
revealing the mundane things
they turned into threats,
and the dreams will fade away
like gossamer dewdrops
caught on the spider's web of my mind,
drying in the noonday breeze,
inconsequential imaginings,
but until then,
I think I shall enjoy their company
just the way they are. 
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