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Mother's Day, 1996

I remember it was a lovely day, sunny, and not too hot.

For some reason, I wanted to make it special for my mom.  She was not feeling that well, and was a bit depressed to boot.  I took over the kitchen and did some reorganizing and spring cleaning in it, bought her flowers (she loved getting flowers), and fixed a special dinner.  It was a pleasant day, one with little extra touches I didn't usually do.

Two weeks later, she died suddenly due to a coronary aneurysm.

Mother's Days have been hard for me since then, even though I have kids of my own who want to remember the day, too.   It always reminds me of how precious our loved ones are, and how doing those little things can matter, and how big the gap is when those people aren't there any more.

At moments like this, remembering how it was, even after all the time that has passed, that gap still hurts.

Appreciate those who are dear to you.  Let them know you care.  You'll never know when you won't get to tell them any more.
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