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So here I am....

I've been working on an original longer story (very early in the story development...I have characters and the start of the action) but to scratch my need for fluff, I've been writing flash pieces about an unnamed couple (there is no timeline or anything, I just write a waffy vignette).  They may end up being templates for longer stories down the road.  I've been sticking them over at Fiction Press in a collection called He and She...  if you're interested.

But my Inu muse seems to be on vacation.  Maybe he's still in Moab?

One of the side effects of my working out has been a big burst of energy, and some stuff I let go, I want to get done now.  Starting with the kitchen.  Spring cleaning fever!

Hubby got me some Calphalon pans for mother's day.  I will kill son if he touches these pans.  I call him the Pan Destroyer, cause he cooks everything too high and wreaks havoc on all non-stick surfaces.  He's been with us about a year and I've had to replace my 10 inch omelet pan twice already and he ruined the finish on my Japanese omelet pan by frying a hamburger in it.  And he likes to reorganize things in the kitchen, and often doesn't eat when we do and puts things back in the wrong places.  I got to the point I didn't want to use the kitchen.  And I like to cook.  So I'm reclaiming it, and will commit holy hell on those who put my mixing bowls out of my reach again....LOL.
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