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So today, once again.....

Today's rambling:

My trainer ran my fat butt through its hoops.  He left the gym we have membership in, and now works out of a smaller training facility, which is even better, cause not having the gym take a cut out of the costs, he's able to charge us half of what we were spending and he makes more money to boot.  Good on him.  My arms are sore, my legs are sore, and I feel pleasantly good.  I've come down a dress size, don't get leg cramps and my digestion is much happier.

My first books came in from Amazon.  I am indulging in a reread of Robert Graves' the Greek Myths.  One thing I like about this book is that he cites the sources of his stories.  I kind of also enjoy all the bad mythic anthropology (ala the Golden Branch and his own White Goddess stuff) he includes after each's full of interesting conclusions and bits and pieces of data that can be fodder to the story teller,  and he includes all the mythic dirt about who slept with whom and stuff like that which sometimes gets whitewashed out of other myth compendiums.  I love this type of read.  Over the years, I've worn out two volumes of the White Goddess itself,  and I've been devouring this type of stuff since I was a small fry, a long, long time ago.

The peas in my garden are starting to come up.  Yay...Some of the asparagus is coming up, standing proudly rampant, and my crabapple tree is in bloom.  Other things that make me feel good.

Today, I am working on three stories, popping back from time to time as I put down the book and open the word processor....Only one of the three is IY.  That in itself feels kind of cool...I am rediscovering my literary life outside of fandom;  I don't want to not do IY, but I don't want to forget there are other things I want to say, and other things I really, really love. 

Maybe doing the gym thing is getting me the energy boost I need at long last.  That in itself is nice.
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