knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Definitely in a mood....for fantasy.

So I went to Amazon, and ordered:

Volkhavaar by Tanith Lee.  It's very old, one of her earlier fantasy stories, and I lost my copy years ago.

The Complete Chronicles of Conan - yeah, I'm in THAT type of mood.

The Elric Saga Part one - Elric of Melnibone, Weird of the White Wolf, and Sailor on the Seas of Fate - Michael Moorcock.   I've been a big fan of Elric since I was in hs, many years ago.  Been too long since I spent some time in the company of my first silver-haired hero with a big sword.

From what I hear, Moorcock wrote these books at lightning speed while he was still editing New Worlds magazine, and they show it in some ways, but I love'em anyway.

And fantasy from a different time and place --Robert Graves' the Greek Myths.  I love Graves' compilation - this is not a whitewashed kid's reference...he includes all the dirt in the myths, all the incest and rape and bad stuff as well as the good...I used to have a copy, but time happens.....

Ah.  Maybe I am doing the nostaglia trip after seems to be happening to a lot of us lately.....
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