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Drabble: Early Spring in the Garden

IK fluff as we wait for to get their hit counter back on line.  Takes place early April, 1559

Early Spring in the Garden

The dirt was cool under Kagome’s  fingers as she dropped the seeds in the soil.  Bending over, she walked along the row, spacing the seeds out.  It was the third year for her garden, the third spring she had repeated this ritual.  She finished dropping the spinach mustard seeds and straightened up to cover them with her hoe. 

She still found the magic of knowing that these small seeds would feed her family in the weeks to come an amazing thing.  Little in her childhood had prepared her for the knowledge of how she would use the work of her  hands in the soil to sustain the life of the people she cared the most about.  It was like making a wish, each seed dropped, and most of the wishes came true in the green leaves and fruits and roots.

Straightening up, she dusted off her fingers and reached for the water to wet the ground she had just worked.   Lifting the water bucket, she turned when she heard a happy  young voice cry out.

“Mama!” the child said again.

Kagome looked at InuYasha holding her son, both silver-haired and amber eyed and full of smiles for her.   “Hello, Atae!” she said, waving her fingers.  “You sure he’s warm enough?” Kagome asked her husband as she watered in her seeds. “It’s still pretty cool.”

“That’s what the blanket’s for,” InuYasha replied. 

He walked over to her, bouncing Atae as he went, who kept up a running conversation of sounds, both human and growls as he walked.  Kagome put down the water and took her son from her husband.  He stepped behind her, wrapped his arms around her, draping her and Atae in the warmth of his red fire rat sleeves.  “How about Mama?  Is she warm enough?  You’ve been out here a long time.”

“Hmm, now that you mention it, I’m a bit cool myself,” she said, leaning against him.  “But you feel nice and warm.”

“I could just stand here and warm you up,” he said, “Or we could go inside.  I put the bath water on to heat.  And the stew looked ready.”

“Now that’s a nice idea,” she replied.  “Dinner first.”

InuYasha chuckled.  “Now you’re starting to sound like me.”

She laughed in return. Giving her an extra little hug first, InuYasha helped her put up the gardening supplies and walked contentedly into the house.
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