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Yep, spring is here.  I've spent this afternoon pruning the roses for their start of season haircut....Not sure if one of them is actually going to grow true...the canes look pretty dead, but there's something coming up from the ground (possibly from below the root graft,) and I'm gonna let it go rather than have a bare spot in the ground.

Only punched my thumb twice (through leather gloves, mind you)...Those rose canes have some big thorns.

I'm in a weird mood beyond that...don't want to read much, even pieces I've been waiting to be updated.    I reread Tolkien's On Fairy Stories this morning...it was kind of cool, and it has me in the mood to escape into some classic fantasy....Lord Dusany or Conan or something...or maybe write something.  We'll see.  I wish the part of my brain that can create characters at a drop of a hat would team up with Pink and work out a story before dumping them in my lap.

Poetry muse is definitely AWOL.  Haven't gone this long without wanting to write poetry in I don't know how long...over five years, I know, probably more like seven.  Very unusual for me.  She does that sometimes.  I can write it when I need to, but the drive to do it is totally not here right now.  Funny how that goes.

Still working out.  I've come down a whole dress size, which made me happy...and my legs no longer ache from non-use (although sometimes from overuse).  I'm standing taller, walking faster, and getting more done.  I was really getting chairbound before we signed up for the training classes.  But even better, my digestive pain is mostly gone....Yay!

Feeling kind of withdrawn, which is why I am posting this journal.  I'm still here, reading, writing, and thinking....If I forget to post anything but my stories, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you....it's just...well, spring.  I can blame that.  LOL.


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Apr. 8th, 2010 08:25 am (UTC)
Disconnected Rambling and Why I don't Write
""[Yeah, I understand that. The funny thing is I ran into something somewhat like the subject itself this week. By that I mean reporting to management.] I was given an order to increase someone's fentanyl from 50 to 70 mcgs. She had a supply of 25 mcg patches, and it had only been increased the week before to 50 mcgs. I was a little surprised to find only a 25 mcg patch on her. The nurse who had worked the evening before my day shift isn't prone to making mistakes. So, I quietly added two 25s to the 25 that was already there as per what the doctor had asked for; all the while quite confident that the 75 mcg patches would be gotten in toute suite from the pharmacy and it would all be patched up neatly in a day or so.

I was called in yesterday because I'd forgotten to initial off (after all that writing) that I'd replaced the patches. Everything was there but my initials and I had to drive 45 minutes there and back to put my initials on a square that I'd so carefully drawn out for myself and it couldn't wait because the DPH was there. So, this was done very much on the sly, really fast. I think the DON and I spent a minute at the med cart. Then she asked me why I hadn't turned the nurse who made the mistake in? That nurse is *old.* She's been there forever and even though they trust me-I'm still an agency putz.

The DON said "You know, we take med-errors as a chance for re-education and re-training." And really, I think in that one place that may be so. But that's not going to make me start turning people in right and left because believe me I don't think there's a single nurse out there that I have followed who didn't make some kind of provable error approximately once every 60 days. I simply kept it to telling her that many places in my truly broad experience do. She looked surprised. Why, because I was honest?

Anyone who claims that they don't make mistakes is a god-damned liar or really lacks insight into what they are doing. We all do; far more often then we realize.

The fact that the woman still had a 25 mcg fentanyl patch dated from the 1st on her back-just adds to the fun. ""

And that is a No-Worries tip to the iceburg. How could Facebook be OK? Too G-Dammned risky! Or too dull, which is my humble opinion.
Apr. 8th, 2010 03:13 pm (UTC)
So happy to hear you're feeling better! =) It's amazing what a little exercise can do, no?

Spring lures us outside, so I wouldn't worry too much about disconnecting online. Go where your body tells you - and if that's in the sunshine, or digging in the garden, or kicking ass in exercise class, do it. We'll still be where when you get back =)
Apr. 8th, 2010 08:10 pm (UTC)
*\O/*IT'S SPRING!!*\O/*

you're just reveling in your new body and extra physical energy-- i'm sure your muses will come back better than ever. =D
Apr. 8th, 2010 08:21 pm (UTC)
My muses (except for poetry muse) are behaving pretty well...my inner reader, though, has gotten very picky...I did read a bunch of old fic by Lord Dunsany last night. I'd like to reread the Well at World's End and the Charwoman's Shadow...I don't think I've reread either since the late 70s....but I have fond memories of both...

Posting on FF though will be sluggish on my part until they get the hit counter working again or announce they will no longer give hit counts...not seeing the count really interferes with my enthusiasm for posting....
Apr. 9th, 2010 10:03 am (UTC)
Ah. Lord Dunsany! I used to read as much of his stuff as I could find when I was younger! Love his work...

Glad to hear your work outs are going so well! And that your digestive pain is mostly gone - that is really great news!

I have been spending time on Youtube watching old vidoes of '80's music from my teens..ah, nostalgia!

Hope poetry muse returns...and teams up with Snark. I miss their collaborations!
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