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Oneshot: In a Pickle

Takes place early summer, 1563.  InuYasha, Kagome and Atae family fic.

In a Pickle

The warm sunshine had chased the last of the morning dew, and the air was already beginning to grow a bit warm.   Kagome walked through her vegetable garden, pulling out a weed that had dared to come up among the mizuna,   She handed it to Atae, who was trailing behind her.  “Here’s another one, baby. Put this in the weed pile.”

The little boy not much past five, nodded his silver head and ran to add the weed to other things his mother had  pulled out of the garden that day. Picking up a basket, Kagome walked through the garden, passing the cabbage, but stopping to gather some peas. As Atae ran back over to her, she bent over to pick leaves from the bed of spinach mustard, putting them in the basket, then handed to her son who held out his arms for it.

“You’re Mama’s good helper today,” she said.  “Wanna pick out two of the green onions?”

“Yeah,” he said, and walked over to where the onions stood in long rows.

“Just two,” she reminded him.

A wasp droned by, to disappear amid the leaves of the gobo, just starting to get a good growth on them. 

The early radishes were ready; she pulled one out of the ground and brushed the dirt off of it.

Atae returned with his onions and placed them carefully in his mother’s basket.  “What’s that?” he asked, sniffing.

“What’s it look like?” Kagome said, putting it into her basket.  She reached over and pulled up another one.

“Pickle stuff?” he asked.

“Good boy,” she said, ruffling his hair.  “That’s a radish.  Daddy will like having some fresh pickles.  Wonder if he’ll let us have any?”

Atae made a pout, looking like a miniature version of InuYasha.  “Daddy’ll eat’em all?  But I like pickles, too!”

Kagome laughed.  “Well, we’ll just have to make enough for everybody, won’t we?”  She added more of the radishes to her basket.

Just then, InuYasha walked up the path to the garden, carrying some fish he had caught.   Kagome stood up, and brushed the dirt off her knees as Atae ran up to his father.

“You’re not gonna eat all the pickles, are you, Daddy?” Atae said with a worried voice, wrapping his arms around his father’s leg. 

InuYasha looked at the little boy, surprised, but lifted him up.  “Of course not, little guy.  You like’em as much as I do.”

Kagome, still laughing, looked at InuYasha’s questioning face, and tiptoeing up, kissed him on the cheek.  “I’ll explain later.  Ready for lunch?”

“With pickles?”  Atae asked.

“Yeah, baby.  I have some pickles already made.”  Kagome picked up her basket, and headed for the house.

InuYasha, still trying to figure out what was going on, followed his wife home.
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