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I'm bored...

I'm bored, my right ankle and foot hurt some cause my foot is supinating, and my Brooks aren't helping with that, so it's off to the running shoe store this weekend, so I can get some shoes or something to help, so I can keep working out...

I'm in the mood to escape with some good tawdry action adventure, like Conan novels or something, but I don't have anything handy...Pink my muse has told me she has a hot party to go to tonight, so don't expect her to help in any escapism (I tell ya, I am ready for a new lead muse...Maybe I'll go back and look up that Kami who was interested in the job....LOL).

But after 2 weeks of almost daily gym visits, I feel better.  So maybe that's why I'm bored...too much energy to sit here and geek out.  Could be!
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