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Drabble: Afternoon Nap

I come bearing IK fluff....I am putting this in Summer, 1559 in my timeline. 

Afternoon Nap

InuYasha’s ear twitched as he drifted towards consciousness, vaguely registering the sound of the wind in the trees, the water rushing by in the stream nearby, and the squawking of a particularly irritating crow off in the distance. 

It was not the cawing of the crow though that had broken through his nap as he lay there in the shade.  It was the delicate finger tracing circles on his bare chest.

Reaching up, he grabbed the hand and splayed it flat across his chest, cracked one amber eye to stare into two laughing blue-gray ones.

The owner of the eyes laughed.  “I thought you said you weren’t tired.”

“I’m not,” he declared.  “I’m just resting my eyes.”

 Kagome leaned against his shoulder, playing with his silver hair.“If you say so.  But that doesn’t quite explain the snoring . . . ”

“I do not snore,” he said.  His lips curled into a pout.

“If you say so,” she replied, although her voice lacked conviction.   Her free hand drifted down across his abdomen, tracing a line to his hip to where it disappeared into his hakama, before she leaned over and brushed her lips playfully over his nose before pulling back.

“Feh,” he said.  “Don’t start something you don’t plan on finishing, woman.”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” she said, smiling. “I gathered all the herbs I need and we don’t have to be back to the village for hours.”

His pout turned into a smirk and a feral gleam touched his eyes.  Suddenly he wrapped his arms around her and rolled her into the grass, under him.

“No fair!” she said.  “I have more clothes on than you.”

He reached for the obi around her waist.  “Won’t take long to fix that,” he murmured.

The crow, hearing all the noise in the meadow, cawed one last exasperated cry, and flew off.
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