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Oneshot: One Late Autumn Afternoon

Takes place Oct., 1558 in my timeline.  IK.

One Late Autumn Afternoon

The day was sunny with the golden light of autumn, but this corner of the room was screened off to keep it in a comfortable dusk. 

Kagome knelt down next to the basket cradle that held her sleeping son, and tucked the covers in securely, before gently ruffing his silver bangs.  Atae’s puppy ear twitched a little, but he made no move to wake up.

“I didn’t think he’d ever get to sleep,” Kagome said softly, mostly to herself.  She straightened up, but looked at the sleeping boy fondly. “He was so crabby, too.  He really needed a nap.”

Standing up as quietly as she could, she walked out from behind the screen and moved towards the kitchen area to start dinner preparations, but before she could step off the wooden platform to move to the sink, suddenly, two red draped arms wrapped around her from behind, pulling her in a warm embrace. 

InuYasha leaned forward, nuzzling her cheek. “Little guy asleep?”

“Yeah,” Kagome replied.  For a moment she leaned into his embrace, and sighed, then steeling herself, leaned forward.  “I better get started with dinner.”

InuYasha made no move to let her go.  That’s when she noticed that their futon had been rolled out. He whispered as his hands sought the knot of her obi, and his touch and the feel of his breath against her ear made her shiver.   “Woman, you are tired.  Maybe Mama needs a nap, too.   We’ll be up late with Atae anyway.  Rest now while you can.”

Kagome turned around in his arms.  “Wonder if he’ll cry as much as he did last month?”

“Probably,” he said.   “I remember my mother said I cried every new moon until I was talking pretty good.”

Leaning into her husband’s arms, she let him remove her outer robe and  pull her down to the futon.  He covered her up, and lay down beside her, propping his head up with one arm.

“So who’s going to cook dinner?” Kagome asked, reaching up and scratching him behind his ear.

“I will,” he said.  When she looked up at him skeptically, he snorted.  “I can cook, you know.”

“I know,” she said.  “Just don’t burn the rice pot.”

He leaned over her, kissing her gently.  “Hey, I only did that once.  And I was distracted.”

She smiled up at him.  “Yes you were.  But I don’t think any youkai will be coming by this afternoon.”

“So the rice won’t get burned.  Now sleep, woman.”  InuYasha cupped her cheek with his hand, kissed her chastely, then stood up.

Nodding, she pulled the cover up over her shoulder.  Feeling content and at peace, she drifted off.



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Feb. 7th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
Another sweet moment in their lives... *sighs* I just love the way you write these two, KK!
Feb. 7th, 2010 05:16 pm (UTC)
So nice and considerate of him
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