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Oneshot: Time to Leave

This was an idea that was supposed to be for IYHed, but it grew way beyond the boundaries....Pink is being an aggravating lead muse.  I may be taking applications for  lead muse position in the near future.....

Time to Leave

“And then the headman took one look at InuYasha . . . ”

Miroku’s voice droned on and on. InuYasha flicked his right ear, trying to keep his face pleasant while his friend continued the story.    He hadn’t wanted to stop here right after he and the monk had gotten back to the village, but since Kagome was here visiting Sango, Sango insisted on making supper.

Dinner was over, and Sango had tucked their children in bed to sleep in the back, but Miroku, ignoring the signs from his company, had pulled out the sake, and had started sharing tales of their latest adventure.  InuYasha, stifling a sigh, looked at Kagome.  Atae lay asleep, curled up on her lap.  It had been almost a week since he had been home, and he had other things on his mind besides the misadventures of strange human villagers.  He reached over, took Kagome’s hand, and carefully wrapped his first finger around her first finger, sliding it back and forth across her knuckle and raised an eyebrow. She looked up at him and caught his glance, at first looking at him questioningly, then looking at him with amused agreement as he waggled his eyebrows at her. Nobody seemed to notice the heightened color in her cheeks as she handed her sleeping son to InuYasha and stood up gracefully.

“Sorry, Miroku,” she said.  “We’ll have to call it a night.  Please do finish telling us all about what happened later.  I have to get up early tomorrow.”

Quickly, they made their goodbyes and left.  Miroku and Sango stood by the door as their friends as they departed, listening to Kagome’s giggles as InuYasha ran off with her towards their home.

Sango turned back towards the fire pit. “I didn’t think they’d ever leave,” she said. 

Miroku chuckling caught up with his wife and wrapped his arms around her. “Well, my lovely Sango, dinner was your idea,” Miroku said, cupping his wife’s cheek, and letting his fingers run through her hair.

“Ah, but you’re the one who brought out the sake,” Sango said, shivering as her husband explored the side of her neck, breathing warmly on her ear.

“But it’s always so fun watching InuYasha trying to be patient,” he replied.  Sango broke away from his hold, just as he was groping for the tie of her wrap skirt. 

She bent down to pick up the sake cups.  “Sometimes, Miroku, I don’t know why he puts up with you.  You are such a tease.”

Miroku laughed and sat down and looked up at his wife’s lovely eyes.  “But you know you love me anyway.”

Sitting down next to him, she ran her fingers along the neckline of his robes and rested her head along his shoulders.  His arms wrapped around her.  “Next time, though, send them home earlier.  Baby’s going to be up almost any time now.”

Suddenly, as if on cue, the sound of a waking baby came from the back room, and Miroku watched as his wife got up and went to the back.  He sighed, grabbed one of the sake cups and poured himself a little more. 

“Sometimes, Miroku, you’re too clever for your own good,” he said, and laying down on the mat, he watched the fire and chuckled.
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