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Tne New Final Act episode is up and other stuff.

being an IK fangirl, I particularly liked this episode

I've picked up my third cold of the year, thanks to Son who can't seem to not get one cold after another, and he's grown up, too.  He really needs to take better care of himself.

I have two stories plotted out for fanfic_bakeoff , neither of them InuYasha based, and most of an InuYasha  oneshot written, but am stuck helping someone in desperate straits on the Castle Age game on facebook.  Why do I feel obligated to play rescuer on this stupid game, just cause as friend of mine or two or three are trying to kill this monster? 

I don't know.    I always swear I won't do this any more, but instead, continue to.

Bleh on colds.  But at least the rain and snow have finally ended; the ground here in town in not white, although the mountains looked dipped in sugar frosting, and the sunlight is beautiful.  The weeds are starting to green up, so that means spring will not be long in coming.

It could be worse.
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