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Drabble: Whatever it Takes

IK.  Takes place one morning sometime before Midsummer, 1561.  A slightly different version was posted to IYhed

Whatever It Takes

Kagome took a deep breath and  cracked an eye open, reluctantly giving way to consciousness.  The room was still dim with early dawn, and she could hear birds greeting the morning out in the garden.  Frowning, she closed her eyes and tried to will herself back into the dream she was having.

Something warm and wet brushed across the top of her shoulder, and a warm hand glided down her leg.  She opened her eyes again and glared cross-eyed at the  piece of silver hair that was tickling her nose.  “Too early,” she said, trying to snuggle back into the quilts.

Relentlessly, claw-tipped fingers gently scraped along her thigh, while the warm mouth on her shoulder migrated along its length and  up her neck.  She shivered slightly as her husband’s breath tickled against her ear.

“But you asked me to wake you up early,” InuYasha said.  His hand gently brushed up across her abdomen until he cupped her breast.

“Not this early,” she murmured.  “I don’t have to be at Kaede’s this soon.”

She tried to roll away, but InuYasha pulled her back firmly against his chest.  As his hands continued to drift along her body, Kagome could feel his hardness poking against her bottom.

“Thought you might like to do something else first,” he said, nibbling on her earlobe.

“You play dirty, husband,” Kagome said, rolling towards him, a pretty pout on her face  as she looked up into his amused and hungry eyes,  even as she let her hand drift down to wrap around his stiffness.

“Yeah,” he said, grinning as he brushed her hair out of her eyes.  “But it worked.”

Laughing, Kagome pulled him down into a good morning kiss.  “You better finish what you started,” she said.

“Oh, I have every intention,” he replied, and then showed her just what he meant.
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