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Oneshot: A Particularly Pleasant Afternoon

Woohoo!  I actually wrote a short oneshot.  I/K of course.  First one in almost 2 weeks.   Takes place in my timeline about midsummer, 1558

A Particularly Pleasant Afternoon

She felt it first, a huge flair of youki, and then she heard it, a rumbling sound building to the supersonic that could only be a kaze no kizu.  And it was close.  Kagome dropped her laundry basket in the middle of the room, grabbed her arrows and bow, and with Atae still strapped to her back, ran outside.

It didn’t take her long to find him.  He was just a little bit beyond their hut and near the meadow where she often went collecting herbs.  InuYasha, his youki still riding high, stood holding a transformed Tessaiga, bands of power still rippling around it.  In front of him, in the dust and vapor, lay the remains of a really large youkai, scattered in pieces.  It looked to have been some sort of snake, although maybe with a partially human torso; long hair and a single, clawed  hand lay among the ruins.

Noticing her, InuYasha turned around.  His eyes were lit up with an excited, satisfied glow and he smiled at her with his best cocky grin.

Kagome lowered her bow and replaced the arrow in her quiver.  “What happened?” she asked.

“Stupid youkai was tracking Rin and Kaede.  Damn stupid youkai to think I’d let something like it in my forest or near my village,” he said, returning Tessaiga to its untransformed state and sheathing it.

“Where’s Kaede?”  Kagome said, looking around.

“She went back to the village.  Said something about getting some men to get rid of what’s left, and not wanting to spoil the rest of the summer’s herbs here just because a stupid creature didn’t know better than to come crawling her way.”  Atae looked up at his father and cooed.  He chucked his son under his chin.  “One day, little guy, I’ll be teaching you how to do that.”  Atae put his fist in his mouth and blew spit bubbles.

Kagome smiled up at her husband.  “One day, but not quite yet.”

They began walking back to the house.  InuYasha slipped an arm around the both of them.

“Mighty pleased with yourself, aren’t you?” Kagome commented as they neared their house.

“You know it.  It’s been weeks since I got to fight something that big,” he said.   He looked at her, still rather satisfied  and happy, and there was an extra touch of fire in his eyes as he looked at her.  “I even think I deserve a special reward for keeping the monster away from Kaede and Rin and the village.”

She reached up and kissed her husband on the chin.  “Maybe so, but after Atae’s asleep.”

He cradled the side of her face with his hand.  “Promise?”

“Promise,” she replied.  

InuYasha bent down and kissed his wife, a warm kiss filled with his intentions for later.  He followed Kagome back into the house content with the knowledge that some were just destined to be better than others, and this one was one of the good ones.
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