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21:29 @shawnahooke I've heard not so fun stories about the CPA exam.... #

21:34 @kmoaton my last semester undergraduate in college the closest I got to numbers was a course in symbolic logic. As an elective. Weird. #

21:38 @shawnahooke That's the attitude. Prepping for things like that is definitely worth it. #

21:39 @kmoaton history does use some stats sometimes, but English lit, almost never...still, I prefer the history... #

21:45 @kmoaton I've been sort of compulsive somewhere between history and anthropology since I was 7...almost as compulsive in the sciences. #

21:46 @kmoaton just not quite as compulsive with the sciences to get me through the math requirements... #

21:49 @kmoaton I came very close to switching to Geology...but didn't. Don't ask me how I ended up doing grad work in English Lit. Mostly so... #

21:50 @kmoaton Mostly so I could teach English composition. Now that proves more than anything I am weird. #

21:56 @kmoaton Genetics IS fascinating. And so is cosmology and particle physics.and several other areas of study... #

21:59 @kmoaton for me as a kid it was cause I wanted to raise fancy guppies...and that led to all sorts of things... #

22:05 @kmoaton I wanted to do a real breeding set up, but we didn't have the I read up on it, and learned all sorts of things.. #

22:06 @kmoaton But I always had a fair amount of access to scientific info, cause of my dad's interests, mostly, and I was encouraged. #

22:13 National Geo is really fun. I've always enjoyed it, subscribed to it off and on since I was a kid. #

22:14 @kmoaton My dad does too...these type of things make a difference when we're young. #

22:18 @kmoaton That was cool! LOL. Me, over the years subbed to Discovery, and Scientific American, and Science Digest, and other such stuff... #

22:19 @kmoaton And for awhile I was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Def not your usual English teacher.... #

22:24 @kmoaton It does indeed! #

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