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Well, I did it.  I stayed up around the clock to get some sleep.  Day before yesterday, I didn't get up until 11. That evening, about 9, I started reading The Phoenix Blade:Time Lapse, and until 7 pm last night, I mostly sat at the computer, writing a little, doing email, reading some chapters of things that go update, but mostly read The Phoenix Blade.  Didn't finish it, but did manage to get to chapter 55, and didn't even skip any chapters.

Thanks, Feni, for giving me a good way to reset my sleep cycle...some time about 7 pm last night I fell asleep at the computer and husband shepherded me to bed.  Slept until 3 am...and I would much rather be up at 3 am with a quiet house to write in, fresh and alert, than have waited all evening for hubby to got to bed to have a quiet house...  I know I can easily have a good 5 hours of quiet this way.  Maybe I'll actually finish my chapter and catch up the rest of the Phoenix Blade chapters this morning.
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