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Just in case you're interested...

Here's a list of my TEA universe fics with clickable links that start from the anniversary of IK's first year apart, through December of their first year together (as the list of fics stands today.  As everybody knows, I'm always adding and slightly tweaking things.)  Just a little something for those who've been asking to be able to have an easy way to read things in sequence.  (96 fics of varying length for this part of the serial)  It's up-to-date, too, including the fic I wrote today.  Happy New Year!

Before Kagome's Return

Scars About one year after Kagome's return to the present
Unable to Let Go (Happens right before the birth of Miroku’s son)
Petal in the Wind (From the winter before up to the day Kagome returns)


Faith  (April 5, 1557)
Tell Me (April 5, 1557)
Granted Wish (April 5, 1557)
A Question's Answer (April 5, 1557)
Morning Freshness (April 6, 1557)
Second Night (April 6, 1557)
An Amusing Moment (April 7, 1557)
Heart Talk (April 7, 1557)
Cooking Lesson(April 8, 1557)
Dreamtime (April 9,1557)

Carried Away by the Moment (second week of April, 1557)
After the Bath (April 9, 1557)
The Kamikuri: A Hairy Tale (April 12, 1557)
One April Night (April 12, 1557)
Let Me (April 12, 1557)
Firelight (April 12, 1557)
His Miko (early April, 1557)
Reversals  ( Late April, 1557)
One Spring Afternoon (mid April, 1557)
Hidden Spring (2nd or 3rd week of April, 1557)

Taking Advantage of the Moment (3rd week of Apil, 1557)
Touch (4th week of April)
New Moon  (April 28, 1557)
Market Day (End of April, 1557)
By the Light of the Lamp (April-May 1557)
Important Business (Early May, 1557)
Never Better (May, 1557)
A Special Lunch (early May, 1557)
Have I Told You Lately? (Mid-May, 1557)
Reminders in Shades of Red and Blue (Mid-May, 1557)

Afterwards  (Mid May,1557)
Bored  (Mid May, 1557)
Dark (Mid-May, 1557)
The Bet (Late May, 1557)
To Protect (May 28-29, 1557)
Force of Nature (Late May, 1557)
Climbing Higher (Late May, 1557)
Afternoon Diversion (Late May, 1557)
Not What, Who (First week of June, 1557)
Weeds (early June 1557)

Giving In (early June, 1557)
Baka (early June 1557)
Shopping List  (Second week of June, 1557)
Home Again, Home Again (Third week of June, 1557)
Humidity (June 26, 1557)
A Morning Earful (June 27, 1557)
Inugami (Late June 1557)
Painful Lesson (Late June 1557)
Presumptions (Late June 1557)
Sunset Watching (Early July, 1557)

Laundry Day (First Week of July, 1557)
Getting Her Attention (July 1557)
Sasayuri  (early July, 1557)
That Look (July, 1557)
Of Rivers and Reality (July 11, 1557)
Full Moon (Night of July 11, 1557)
Thunder Interruptus (Mid July 1557)
Rescued (about July 20, 1557)
The Water Sprite (Late July, 1557)
One Morning (July 26, 1557)

Chance Meeting (first week of August, 1557)
Thinking by Firelight (early August, 1557)
Quiet Night (Second week of August, 1557)
Theft (about August 10, 1557)
Time for a Swim (August 1557)
Night Fears (August, 1557)
Funny How That Works (August, 1557)
The Clothes Line (Mid-August, 1557)
Stormy Weather (Late August, 1557)
After the Storm (Late August, 1557)

Moment in Blue (Late August, 1557)
Pickled  (Late August, 1557)
I Found It It's Mine! (Early September, 1557)
Afternoon Surprise (Early September 1557)
An Evening in Blue (September, 1557)
Possibilities (Mid-September, 1557)
Manual Dexterity (Mid-September, 1557)
Too Quiet (Late September, 1557)
Nue (Last of September, 1557)
Measuring (Early October, 1557)

October Rain (Early October, 1557)
Lunch Break (Second Week of October, 1557)
Welcome Home (Second Week of October, 1557)
Midnight Return (Second Week of October, 1557)
No (Mid-October, 1557)
Moonlight Visit  (Late October, 1557)
Leaf Fall Evening (Late October, 1557)
Cold Morning (Mid November, 1557)
Fragile (Late November, 1557)
Fragile, Pt 2 (Late November, 1557)

Recovering  (First week of December, 1557)
December Sunshine (Mid December, 1557)
Night Vision (December 20, 1557)
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