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ACK! My sleep cycle

My sleep cycle is sooooo screwed.  Two nights ago I didn't get to sleep until nearly 6:30.

Last night, 6:30 comes and goes.  I try taking a bath.  I nodded off in the tub, but evidently, I had propped one foot on top of the other, it slipped off, splashed, and it woke me up, wide awake, all drowsiness gone.  It was 8:30 this morning before I finally dosed off, and then I wake up at 11 to the sound of my hubby doing the dishes.

I don't like being a daytime sleeper.  I LIKE waking up at 5 or 6 in the morning, with the whole day spread out in front of me.  Didn't even get much writing done, as I'm in the early parts of my next chapter, where I'm still "letting the characters talk to me" about what happens next.

life gets weird.

Been hopping around some IY forums, and I get the weirdest impression that there are a lot of fans out there who post to these things who really don't like the IY characters.  How can you follow a series if you dislike the major characters?  How can you follow IY and hate Kagome?  Dang, the entire series could have easily been named Kagome's Adventures Down the Well.

Hmmm.....maybe I need more sleep....
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