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Oneshot: Summer Afternoon Break

Yay! I haz found some IK fluff. Funny how it's a summer piece, with me dealing with nighttime temps below 0, and snow on the ground and more to come.....Takes place Summer, 1567 in the timeline.

Summer Afternoon Break

It was a hot summer’s afternoon. Kagome stood near the edge of the pond, the large sedge hat she had been wearing to protect her skin from the sun in her hand. Tendrils of hair were plastered against her forehead, damp from sweat. There were dirt smears on her wrap skirt from where she had been working in her garden, and her sleeves were still tied back.

“Well, woman, what are you waiting for?” InuYasha said, undoing the tie on his suikan. “You’re the one complaining how hot and sticky it was. He shrugged his jacket off, and folded it, laying it down near the edge of the pool “Great time to go for a swim.”

“But what if the kids . . . ” Kagome said, looking at the inviting water. Rocks lined this edge of the pool, and concealing willows the far end. There were sunny spots and lovely, inviting shade.

“Feh,” InuYasha said, “Noriko’s at the house with Yukika, no doubt happy to be up here where she only has to help take care of one little one, and you know Atae’s down with Miroku doing his lessons.” His hand moved to the obi on his hakama. “I remember a time when you couldn’t wait to get me out of my clothes on a day like today.” He cocked his head and looked at her, with a mildly questioning look, his amber eyes getting a wicked glint. “Or are you just waiting for me to get into the water so you can run off with my clothes the way you used to do?”

She smiled at the memory. “You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”

“Hell, no” he said, stepping out of his hakama, then walking towards her. “That’s one of my favorite memories.”

His kosode hung to mid thigh, not long enough to hide the power in his legs with each step he took. Kagome looked up at him as he pulled her close to him, feeling his breath on her cheek. His hand reached for the tie of her wrap skirt, and with a practiced tug, released it. The garment pooled down around her ankles.

“You don’t play fair,” Kagome said, looking back in the direction of the house, impossible to see from where they stood, and thought about the work she needed to do in the garden still.

“Nope,” he said, unfastening her waist tie. “Especially when I know you need a break.”

She reached up, and kissed him on the chin. “Remember that this winter, when you’re asking about pickles.”

“That’s winter. Today, you need to cool off,” he said, dropping the tie on the ground.

“So you can get me all hot and bothered?” she asked, slipping out of the garment. She bent over and picked up the belt and skirt.

“That’s half the fun,” he replied.

He watched as she piled her clothes near his, and slipped into the water.

She sighed as she sank into the soothing water.“What’s the other half?” she asked.

“Cooling you back off,” he said. And with that, knowing his garments were immediately safe from any kidnaping by the woman who swam gracefully in the water, he removed his kosode and fundoshi, added them to the stack, and stepped into the water to join her.

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