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Poem: The Castle Tall

This is loosely based on a translation of a Japanese folk song.  I suspect the translation isn't very literal, eiher.  I tweaked it, because it's going into the EIMH, so it's not faithful to the original, either, but it has a structure that at least feels more Japanese than the one I tweaked, using alternating 5/7 syllable patterns.  First poem longer than just a few lines I've written in weeks!

Sakura blossoms
drifting over open fields
beneath the high wall,
caught on a spring breeze that yields
to the castle tall --
The guardians kept their watch.

Once the moonlight watched,
shining brightly in the night
above the high wall
as they gathered by torchlight
In the castle tall
drinking sake unaware.

Cold the wind that blew,
broken-hearted winter wind
over the high wall --
wild geese crying of the end
to the castle tall,
death singing in full moon light.

Shadow did not hide
sword work flashing in moonlight
behind the high wall--
red blood flowing at midnight
in the castle tall,
guardians died unknowing.

Ruins reaching up
forgotten now is the place
where stood the high wall
long forgotten is the face
of the castle tall--
a lost heap of broken dreams.

No breath of grieving
is spoken by the pine trees
where stood the high wall,
curse binds human memories
of the castle tall --
curse echoes through time to kill.
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