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07:12 @o0Ayamegusa0o Oh gads, the hours I used to play in the old days on some of those games... #

07:29 This is going to be a bleh day, I can tell. Just the fact that I am awake right now is a sign of it.... #

13:47 @kmoaton Oh, I've seen that done....there is some truth to stats, but each student is unique, and deserves to be evaluated individually. #

13:49 @shawnahooke So many people want to simplify things down to just what you described...This is the enemy, this is the friend. Doesn't work. #

13:53 @kmoaton I've seen that in political forums...(sometimes its old bigotry, and sometimes its a case of if you disagree with someone (cont) #

13:54 @kmoaton (cont) if you disagree with someone of different ethnicity because of what they are working for, you get called racist. Sad World #

13:55 @kmoaton (cont) Sad world that clumps us into our easily identified groups instead of seeing us for who we really are. #

13:56 @kmoaton Exactly. You have to match teaching to learning style as much as you have room if you want the person to really learn. #

13:57 @shawnahooke Yeah, there is truth to just have to use it as a proper tool and not make it the final arbiter #

14:00 @kmoaton IMHO, when the right to not be offended became sacred, the rest of this naturally followed. #

14:02 @shawnahooke Stats are good for rough screening, but you do need mechanisms that deal with the reality of things. And you need (more) #

14:04 @shawnahooke And you need ways to minimize bias and how to recognize those who don't really fit into the rough stat clumping #

14:05 @quirkyslayer LOL on rum and snark.... #

14:09 @kmoaton It is...but with good training and ways to identify those who don't fit, you can prevent some of the damage. and of course (cont) #

14:11 @kmoaton And of course, it counts what you're screening, security, good stocks to buy and all the other things we clump. #

14:12 @kmoaton Back when I was still teaching, the NO School Board decided that the cost of books meant inner city schools couldn't do homework. #

14:14 @kmoaton That one made me see red, when I know the suburban schools had more materials, although public school in NO sux, or did at least. #

14:16 @kmoaton And I knew public schools in NO sucked, in part because I had done a big statistical project on who needed remediation. #

14:19 @shawnahooke At that time, the entire state of Louisiana had its academic standards set below where they should have been for public school #

14:24 @kmoaton I hear that. #

14:27 @kmoaton In New Orleans, even people who lived in trailer parks and housing projects tried to get their kids into private school... #

14:27 @kmoaton with good reason. Although I did graduate from public school there...but not long after I got out, the system really went down #

14:40 @kmoaton I tell ya, the Archdiocese of NO has really been the one thing that made education in New Orleans not as bad as it could be #

14:41 @kmoaton Not a bribe I'd be willing to take...more because of the politics of education than the fact that NO is a rough city. #

16:16 @kmoaton Yeah, I know how rough NO is. Nice living in a nicer part of the world... #

16:52 @kmoaton I have to stay off amazon's mpg download easy to buy....LOL. #

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