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Oneshot: Moonlight and Snow

IK, takes place winter, 1562

Moonlight and Snow

It was an incredibly bright night, with the almost full moon cascading over the white snow. Kagome slid the shoji door open and stepped out on the verandah at how the light cascaded over the snow and rock and the bare trees reaching up like silver highlighted dark hands, and then glinting over the white draped pines beyond the garden.

She pulled her wrap closer around her, and just took a deep breath of the winter air, marveling at its crispness. Turning to her right, she saw him, moving silently over the fresh snow, barely leaving a footprint, even though she knew it was deep in the places he was walking.

He must have scented her, because suddenly he stopped and looked in her direction. There beneath the moon, his silver hair illuminated in the pale light, the red of his clothes almost black except where the moonlight touched it, he seemed to her to be a beautiful specter, a winter spirit coming to investigate his handiwork. He quickened his pace, hurrying towards her, his feet barely touching the snow, his hair whipping behind him.

“Magical,” she whispered.

Kagome smiled as he leapt onto the verandah, lifting her fingers to brush away his scowl.

“What are you doing out here, woman? It’s too cold for you,” he chided.

“Watching the moon,” she replied. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

He turned back to look over the landscape he had just crossed, and wrapped an arm protectively around her. “Yeah,” he said, “But you won’t think it’s so beautiful if you get a fever or a cough.”

“True,” she said. “But some things, InuYasha, are just worth the risk.” Tiptoeing up, she kissed him on the lips, softly and gently.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“Just because of the moonlight,” she replied. “Don’t be too noisy. Atae’s asleep, but the bath water is hot.”

“Good,” he replied, sliding the shoji door back open. “It’s a long walk from Miroku’s in the snow.”

“How is Sango?” Kagome asked, following him in.

“Better, but still not well enough to take over the cooking yet. Miroku said to thank you especially for the dumplings. From the looks on everybody’s face, they were glad to eat something besides his cooking.” He picked up a piece of wood from the stack, and added it to the wood burning in the fire pit.

“You can tell me all about it after you get a bath,” she said, slipping off her sandals. “If you’re a good boy, I’ll even wash your hair.”

“I’m always good,” he said, walking back over to her. His breath was warm on her neck, but his cheek and hands were cold. She shivered a little at the combination. “Any soup left?”

“You can have some after your bath,” she replied, and shooed him off to the bathing room, then moved to put the soup pot just near enough to the heat to warm up.

“Magical you may be, but you’re too cold to cuddle with,” she said, then went off to join him in the bath.
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