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Today's Tweets

Tweets for the day:

11:26 @quirkyslayer I've done that trick all my life...I don't know why. #

11:26 @shawnahooke Good vacation to ya, girlfriend! #

11:48 I think I hate today...I don't know why...It hasn't really done anything to hurt me yet.... #

11:48 @AkumaSensei I thought you were going to be the last twitter hold out... #

14:45 @AkumaSensei Pumpkin shortage? Not around here...that's weird. #

16:12 @AkumaSensei Yay!!!! Pumpkin! #

16:14 @AkumaSensei I went shopping. That always eases the pain, even if it was just to the grocery store. My strike against the blues... #

16:15 @kmoaton Not sure why I hate today, but I'm coping. I snark in it's general direction...LOL. #

16:30 @AkumaSensei I got the irritation blues, I wanna kick a pumpkin in; I got the irritation blues, I wanna kick a pumpkin in. (tbc) #

16:32 @AkumaSensei (conclusion) Don't ask about the nutmeg; I'll just put ginger in again. (LOL. I am not a good holidays person) #

16:39 @AkumaSensei I have about 20 or so left. I could do it...LOL. #

16:39 @shawnahooke Have bad day, will snark. #

16:43 @AkumaSensei But then I'd have to cook it. And I just finished eating stuffed pumpkin yesterday. #

16:50 @AkumaSensei We're going to be eating pumpkin all winter, it looks like...had a good harvest of them. #

22:34 @shawnahooke jealous of your food!!! #

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