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Dukka...and the world turns on...

I'm feeling whiney.

I woke up and realized I am having an arthritis flare in my hands, mostly the first finger of the right hand., a place they don't really make compression devices for, and NSAIDS give me big tummy grief, so I use alternative treatments and just hurt.

But it's unfair, because for once, I didn't do anything really to trigger it, like knit for 12 hours a day three days in a row.

Hubby's anxious to go play, and wanted me to go target shoot.  But I don't want to.  My right ankle hurts, too, which has led to some other tendon problems. (maybe it's fall weather - an approaching cold front can do this, too).

I spent too much time yesterday getting all fangirl over chapter 523, and reading fanfics by nokomarie and doggieearlover and inufan625  and Delkaiden (yeah, I really pigged out) and didn't get nearly as much writing done.  It's not unusual for me to be reading a fan fic and writing something different at the same time...sort of my way of staying in the InuYasha universe and not totally segueing into the historical or traditional folkloric world while I'm writing, always a danger for me).

Much harder to write when hubby's around and wanting to drag me off to go hunt or photograph or shoot guns or do errands.  I ended up staying up to 3 am  bouncing between the Dogs of Tokyo and Live and Let Die part 2. (I'm so have 2 fan fics open in two different tabs, and read one for awhile, then switch back to the other....)

So hubby today asked me if I wanted to go shoot.  I thought about my chapter, only about 1/3 done and said  "NOOOOOOOO!!!! I want to write!  It I go and play I'll never finish the story!"  And he knows I'm holding an 18th century story hostage until I finish this one...

Oy Veh...I have to go find some Aleve and a pepcid.  I love changing weather...(sarcastic pain induced cackle...)
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