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Oneshot: Waiting Games

Story follows after Outside Influences. It takes place after InuYasha and Miroku agree to leave Kaede's village, but before the wedding of Rin and Sesshoumaru. Inu/Miroku friendship fic

Waiting Games

“Eight more days of this?” InuYasha asked Miroku. The hanyou raised his arms and let fly with the splitting maul through the piece of wood he was chopping, and tossed it on the pile with the rest of the firewood. His red jacket lay to one side, while his kosode had sweat marks from the warmth of the day and the work he was doing.

Miroku sat under a tree, watching his friend. “It is the next auspicious day. You do want Rin to have the blessing of good fortune in her marriage, do you not?”

“Course I do,” InuYasha replied, putting another piece of wood on the cutting block. “I just hate waiting. I hate that I can’t seem to get Kagome away from all the other women and their gossip and sewing for more than half an hour. I’m glad Kagome and I didn’t have to wait that long.”

“You have to give them their time, InuYasha. The village women are losing their friends, and want to give them something to remember. “ Miroku grinned. “I seem to remember, though, that yours and Kagome’s wedding was more a formality, was it not? There’s this vague image in my mind about you taking her home the first night.”

InuYasha, resting the maul handle on his shoulder got a faraway look in his eyes, and a touch of a smile. “I’d been waiting for three hard years, and so had she. It just happened that way, that’s all. We didn’t plan it like that.” He expertly sliced the wood, and tossed it into the pile.

“You think your brother hasn’t been waiting?” Miroku chased a fly off his knee. “It seems to me that he’s been waiting even longer.”

“Maybe. I never quite know what he’s thinking of. At least he’s gotten to see her. He doesn’t stay away from the village very long. It’s been that way ever since he left her with Kaede.”

“I thought as much,” Miroku said. “I’ve sensed him around from time to time.”

InuYasha picked up another log. “It’s going to be strange leaving this place. I know Kagome’s gonna miss it.” He split the wood. “And so will Atae.”

“So will we,” Miroku replied. “But I suspect the Lady Kaede might have the roughest time of all.”

“Yeah,” said InuYasha, “Although, maybe she might enjoy the quiet without us stirring up trouble all the time.” He threw the last of the chopped wood on the pile and dusted the wood chips off. “I’ll still want to come by and make sure she’s got enough firewood and stuff. This’ll hold her for a while.” He bent over, and snagged his suikan and put it on. “You sure you’re good with this, Miroku? Me and Kagome, yeah, we’re glad you’re coming with us, but I kind of feel bad about pulling all of you up and moving you across the country.”

Miroku smiled. “Someone’s got to look after you and make sure you and your brother don’t kill each other,” he said, standing up. “And besides, who else am I going to get to watch the kids for those special moments?”

“Oy!” InuYasha said, picking up the maul to put it away. “Low blow, monk. Who else would put up with that army of yours?”

Miroku just laughed as he walked down the path as he went to round up his family.
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