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Drabble: All in a Winter Evening's Work

Takes place January, 1568. A little bit of IK

All in a Winter Evening’s Work

Kagome lit the long splinter of wood in the fire pit, then shielding it, carefully carried it to the lamp near her sewing table. The lamp caught quickly, and filled the little corner of her room with a warm, golden light.

InuYasha slid the door open and stepped in with a large armful of firewood. A blast of air followed him and made the oil lamp flicker. He leaped up on the wooden floor and filled the rack where they stored the firewood, and dropped his load. Grabbing a couple of pieces, he moved over to the fire pit and placed them carefully in position, then began to warm his hands. “It’s going to be a cold night,” he said. “Hell, it’s already a cold night.”

“I know,” Kagome replied, draping a quilt over her shoulders. “But I thought I might try to get a little sewing done now that the kids are asleep.”

She stood up to walk to the cupboard where she kept her sewing things when suddenly she was surrounded by red fire rat and a cold nose and cheek nuzzling her neck.

“I’ve got another job you can do,” he murmured.

“Yeah?” she replied. Kagome smiled as he tightened his hold around her.

“Warm up your husband?” he asked. His voice was sultry, but there was a note of pleading in it. InuYasha, kissing her neck, slipped a hand under the neckline of her kosode.

Suddenly, she jerked away with a loud exclamation, and catching his hand in hers, turned to face. “I think we’ll start with a hot bath.”

“I told you it was cold out there,” he replied.

Kissing him on the chin, she then went off to heat the bath water.
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