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Drabble: A Question's Answer

Been to sick to do much writing, but this little piece of IK fluff popped up from somewhere.  Takes place the first night of Kagome's return to InuYasha

A Question’s Answer

The night had grown very quiet in the little house, and the only light was given off by the embers in the fire pit.  InuYasha, his silver hair spilling behind him, lay there holding Kagome in his arms, in a way he had only dreamed of before,  her head pillowed on one arm, the other arm making slow, lazy strokes down the soft warmth of her back.

He breathed deeply, letting her scent wrap around him and soothe away the pain of the last three years.  Yet even as he did, the reality of what had just happened when she gave herself to him, about the way his life had just been changed forever, was starting to wash over him.  He grew thoughtful.

She looked up at him with sleepy, content, happy eyes, and brushed a finger across his lips.  “You look so far away,” she murmured.

“Just thinking about last night,” he said.

“Last night?”  She looked up at him, surprised.

He smiled at her, wryly and a little sad. “Being here with my thoughts began to crowd down on me. I went on a run, up towards the mountains, until I found an open place near a cliff and sat down, looking at all the stars.  Just me and the night sky, alone in the dark.  I was wondering if it was my fate to always be alone like that.”

He leaned forward and kissed her cheek.  “I guess what happened today answers that question.”

“Like the answer?” she asked, wrapping her arm around him and pulling him closer.

“Yeah, I do.”  He reached down and pulled the cover over them both.  “Very much so.”

Snuggling her close to him, he listened to her breathing, and the miracle of how her body fit next to his, and slowly drifted to sleep, amazed at the difference one single day could make.

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