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glad I don't have to talk out loud to use the internet...

Imagine you went to three or four football games in a row and screamed your head off at all of them.  Then you would know what my throat feels like...maybe.

Evil nasty cough monster.

Cough is actually a little better, but throat still is very unhappy.  And for someone who likes to pontificate and discuss, this is very, very sad.

Hubby doesn't hear worth a darn, and I can barely whisper, or croak a little.

Worst of all, it's damn hard to sing along with the music when you can't really make much sound.  LOL.

Have started my nano project though, even though I'm a bit slow, being sicky.  It'll be called the Sixth Visitor.  As I get chapters done, I'll post them here under flock.

But I can tell I must away to the upstairs computer.  I keep playing endless games of Bejeweled Blitz on FB, and that is definitely not getting words on paper...



Nov. 3rd, 2009 04:37 am (UTC)
you're going to have to do the thing with the notebook and pen to communicate-- it's what i have to do with my deaf friends who don't read lips, because i can't sign. learning to sign could help with your singing along, but you can't sign while you're typing. boy, you're screwed, aren't you?

does it hurt as bad when you whisper? you can either whisper sing or just move your lips? *shrugs* that's all the suggestions i could come up with-- i really hope you get better fast. ♥