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22:34 @InuGrrrl Ah, Princess Bride is one of my favs...but I loved the book first. Did a pretty good version of the movie...not quite as good... #

22:36 @shawnahooke @InuGrrrl I see ya talking about some of my favorite movies...I hear ya about blondes, Shawna... #

22:39 @InuGrrrl It's a very witty book, lots of satire...That guy is my favorite character in either the book or the movie... #

22:45 @shawnahooke Medium height, dark and handsome...I'm 5'3", hubby's 5'7"...perfect. Don't know why; that's just what I like best. #

22:46 @InuGrrrl I hear ya, Grrrl...kinda Human Inu colored is pretty much perfect...LOL. I'm kicking butt on CA tonight...serious butt #

22:47 @InuGrrrl definitely worth a read. #

22:52 @shawnahooke Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. (That line will stick in my head forever! LOL) #

22:54 @shawnahooke I'm the tallest woman in my some tiny little women ancestors... #

22:55 @InuGrrrl Me, I'm going for High General so I can forget about getting battle points for awhile...gettin' there. #

22:56 @InuGrrrl I hear ya...I write the Inu I like best, too, no doubt...reminds me some....of my hubby! LOL #

23:00 @InuGrrrl Too sick with a cold to do anything for Halloween, so I bought some favor points,so it's marathon battle time! #

23:01 @InuGrrrl That's what it is. It's tedious, but I like the accomplishing it. They introduced new monsters today, too... #

23:04 @shawnahooke Been at my height since then, get some decent rest, girl. #

23:09 @InuGrrrl I been at red for awhile now...I don't invoke very often, but I fight lots of'em. #

23:10 @InuGrrrl yeah, I spend way too much time going after Lt. commanders cause there's nobody else to get points from. #

23:12 @InuGrrrl figure once I make High General, I don't need battle points any more, it'll be better. They keep adding new stuff to do... #

23:19 @InuGrrrl That would sure be's gonna take me all night to get to High General. Having to settle for 1 and 3 bp a hit... #

23:24 @InuGrrrl There's not. And I don't have enough valor knights yet to invade some of'em. But I'm getting there.. #

23:25 @InuGrrrl But it does make me happy to see how many folks who have tried to hit me lately have gotten burned...LOL #

23:29 @InuGrrrl yep...I only have 240 right now...every time I get a bit of cash enough, I buy some more, but they are sure getting pricey... #

23:30 @InuGrrrl At high General, you unlock the archangel. I'm waiting to see what they have as costs and points... #

23:36 @InuGrrrl I'm selling off my extra phoenixes and dragons and whatnot, buying everyday...once you get 501, you don't need any more, at least #

23:45 @InuGrrrl Me too on army size. I had 500 phoenxies, but don't need nearly that many now...they were handy when I was building my valors #

23:56 @InuGrrrl Phoenixes have almost as many points as valors, and the game ranks them 2nd, so they are handy. And you get full value to sell #

00:04 @InuGrrrl Yep...they fill in the gap really nice. #

00:09 @InuGrrrl Anything to help the kicking of CA butt! We will rule the top! LOL #

00:14 @InuGrrrl I'm in one of the dragon slayer groups, so I usually have one or two to fight on, but I don't really like to invoke... #

00:15 @InuGrrrl But I do like the loot. I keep a file with all my winnings...quite a haul since I started keeping records. #

00:25 @InuGrrrl I hear that. Right now I have 8628 victories to 2019 losses, so I am pretty good at laying low, but you never know when... #

00:26 @InuGrrrl a lot of people are just above the 50 percent mark, so I feel pretty good with my ratio. It would be lower, except I didn't know #

00:28 @InuGrrrl I didn't know how things worked at the beginning of the game...but since then, I've stayed strong and hard to hit and laid low #

00:29 @InuGrrrl But the higher you go, the less likely you are to be hit, too...especially once you get the 501 army... #

00:36 @InuGrrrl Glad I could give you a clue. And when I find out what the archangels are worth (top rated of all fighters) I'll let you know #

00:52 @InuGrrrl I hear that. Valor knights, and then all the things you unlock in the battle ranks are things you want lots of. And magic items #

00:53 @InuGrrrl magic items and artifacts that you win in the dragon quests...anything with attack/defense points help. #

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