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Drabble: Foot Rubbing

IK quiet moment.  Takes place August, 1564

Foot Rubbing

“Ummm,” Kagome said, closing her eyes.  “You don’t know how good that feels.”

Her black hair cascaded over the back of her pillow as she lay on the futon.   InuYasha, dressed only in his sleep kosode, had his wife’s feet propped in his lap, gently massaging them.

“I don’t remember your feet bothering you this much last time,” he said.

“You just forgot.  At least this time, I haven’t gotten sick.” 

“Yeah,” he said, gently pressing his thumbs into the balls of her feet.  “You really had me scared.  Kaede said ryuukan was especially dangerous for women carrying a child.”

“It can be.  I was pretty sick.  Sango and Miroku didn’t get it nearly as bad.  Glad she didn’t get pregnant with Kiyome until after she had gotten over it.”  She opened her eyes.  “Speaking of child, what’s Atae up to?”

“Asleep the last time I checked,” InuYasha said. 

“Ought to be, the stinker.  I found him with the lid to the old pickle tub making a barricade to guard the Oni Fortress.  He was having great fun knocking it into the dirt as he ran to fight with the bad guys.  We might have to get a new lid; I don’t know if I can get all of the dirt out of the wood.”

“Good thing we have two.  You should have told me when I got home.  I would have said something.”  He shifted to her ankles.

“I didn’t say anything because you looked like you needed a quiet evening when you got in.  Anyway, I sat him in the corner for an hour with an ofuda stuck to his back.  He knows now to ask Mama before he takes.  I think.”

“Well, we got Miroku’s roof repaired.  I know Sango will feel a lot better about not having to deal with trying to keep the house the next time it rains. That last storm really did some damage to it.  But I can tell you,” he said, putting down her ankles. “I really hate to thatch roofs.”

He stretched out beside her, and rested one hand lightly on her swollen middle.

“You were rather full of straw when you got home. You sure you got all of it out of your hair?” she asked

He wiggled his ears at her and she moved a hand up to scratch the base of his ear.  “Wanna check?”

“Too tired,” she said.

“Me, too.”  He rubbed his cheek against hers.  “But tomorrow, Atae goes to Miroku’s for lessons.  And I don’t have to go anywhere at all.”

She kissed him on his chin.  “Good.”

 InuYasha put out the lamp, pulled up the cover, and wrapping his arm protectively over his expectant wife, fell asleep.

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