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Drabble: Taking Advantage of the Moment

Takes place a few weeks after Kagome's return to the past

Taking Advantage of the Moment

“InuYasha!” Kagome said.

One minute she had been in the meadow, picking early spring herbs and next, seeing only a flash of red and silver, she had been grabbed and found herself sitting with her back to the trunk of an old, gnarled tree, looking into the amber eyes of her husband, who was smiling at her.

She gazed at him with angry, narrowed eyes. “Why?”

“Don’t be mad at me. Look!” he said, pointing down to where she had been working.  Her basket was still on the ground, but was being pawed at by a large and snorting bull.  Two men with poles were racing towards it.

“Old man Daitaro’s bull got out again,” the hanyou said.  “That bull’s as sneaky as Naraku.  Makes the third time he’s busted out this spring.”

She let out her breath, and brushed a stray lock out of her head as the bull took a look at his pursuers, tossed the basket aside, and took off again.

“At least he’s running towards the forest this time,” InuYasha noted, watching as the pursuers followed the animal. “ Last time he got out, he made it into the center of the village and made a big mess of everything.   Tameo the headman and some of the village elders wanted Daitaro to put the bull down, but he’s a good stud.  Just doesn’t like to stay in his own fields. Kind of like Miroku used to be.”

She giggled at that. “Thank you, InuYasha,” she said, leaning against his shoulder.  “Funny, my first thought was that you had grabbed me because you just wanted to get me alone.”

“Keh,” he said, nuzzling the side of her head and running his fingers through her hair.  “Doesn’t mean I can’t take advantage of the moment, though.”

She smiled at him brightly and kissed him on the chin.  In the distance she could hear the men yelling at the runaway animal.“That’s my hero,” she said, then contentedly sighed and enjoyed the view.

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