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Midnight writing...

long, long nap (maybe 4 hours), too much coffee, and the need to write without hubby talking to me about 18th century reenacting....

I hope this doesn't become a habit...but it's hard to be in InuYasha's Sengoku Jidai while hubby is talking about how a group reenacting 18th century sailors...

I've been good, though, and haven't barked, cause I do appreciate him being home.

But its so hard working with Buddhist and Shinto folklore and imagery and samurai cultural things into an action adventure story when somebody wants to show me tricorns and catchpenny mezotints of sailors from this really cool group out in Portland, and discuss why this one woman who was crossdressing as a 18th century marine really looked too pretty to be believable.

And I'm not even used to hearing anybody talk.

I'm really glad he is home, though.  He's been gone something like a total of 70 days this fire season. I'll just have to learn when and how to do my serious writing around our sharing.  He is more important to me than a fanfic, after all...and he's probably home until the fires start burning in the south come the spring.  Hunting season is here!
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