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Drabble: What Heroes Are For

IK married fluff.  Takes place 1563

What Heroes are For

She swirled the tea in her cup, enjoying the warmth from where the cup rested on the palm of her hand.  Closing her eyes, she took a sip.

“Tired?”  InuYasha said, watching her as she sipped her tea.

“Yeah,” Kagome said, “And my head hurts.  The kids were really noisy today.  I wish it wouldn’t rain so often when Naoya comes over to visit. “

He put his teacup down, then scooted behind her, his long fingers soothing her forehead and then moving down to her neck.  “Oni king getting to you?  Maybe we need to teach him some new stories.”

“I’ve tried,” she said, letting her head go limp.  “Ah, that feels good.”

“You could tell him how Susano’o  killed the serpent,” he suggested.  “That was one of my favorite stories when I was little.”

“I’d be tripping over the eight cups he used to get the serpent drunk.  I don’t think so,” Kagome said.

His hands slipped further down her back and then around her waist.  “I know another way to help you relax,” he said letting his hands drift up past her obi. His lips brushed her shoulders.

“How about you heat up the bathwater?  Then maybe we’ll see.  If you can keep from waking the boys up.”

“Or if you can keep from falling asleep in the tub,” he asked.

“That’s why I have you, to protect me from dangers like that,” she said.  “And to rub my neck.”

“That’s what heroes are for,” he said.  And then first kissing her on the top of her head, he got up to fix her bath.

A/N.  Susano’o, the brother of Amaterasu, rescued the daughter of an elderly couple who was slated to be eaten by the 8 headed serpent, the Yamata no Orochi.  To kill it, he set out 8 tubs of sake. When it was good and drunk, he cut off all their heads.  Inside the tail of the dragon was a sword.  This sword would later be called the Grasscutter Sword, and is one of the treasures of the Imperial family of Japan.

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