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Well, I finally did it...

Decided on a title for my post manga universe stories, that is.

Tada and drum roll:

Tales of Ever After

(O wow...I could refer to that as TEA!....I swear it has nothing to do with the current topic at FirstTweak!)

I got tired of them being referred to as "KK's Post Manga Universe Stories," or something like that.  Now to design a graphic!

I'm actually working on two projects today:  One is a clickable page where you can read the pieces in order of events.  I'm not exactly sure where I'll post it when it's done, but with closing in on 300 stories and poems, it's got to be a place that can hold a full page of html.  I still can't put them into a traditional collection, since they tell a coherent tale I am writing out of order.  I have over 110 pieces for the first year itself, and still write fresh ones.  Reordering chapters at that volume is absolutely not practical.

The next is my definitive oneshot universe Kagome and InuYasha first night; which is not going to exactly be the version that I did in Yesterday's Tomorrows.

This probably also means I'm abandoning Yesterday's Tomorrows as a chapterfic.  Even though the oneshots were started as sketches for  things I was thinking about working into YT, they themselves have become the story I really want to tell.  Some of what I wanted to do with YT will now become oneshots, I think.

Well, that's it from my writing front. 

Still planning on doing the Nanowrimo.  It will not be a IYfic.

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