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Oneshot: More If You Want It

IK.  Wrote this as a non-votable post for First Tweak.  Takes place 10 years after Kagome's return

More If You Want It

Kagome  had slow cooked the rabbit  that her husband had brought home according to a recipe that her mother had taught her once upon a time in a kitchen far away, or perhaps, yet to be, well marinated in ginger and mirin wine and sake and soy sauce, then grilled on skewers just close enough to the fire, then glazed in the same mix.  Her mother had added a little red pepper, but she passed on that, knowing how InuYasha felt about spicy foods. 

Along with the meat, there was a dish of greens seasoned with sesame and miso, and rice and InuYasha’s favorite style of pickles.

The door opened, and InuYasha stepped into the house.  “Umm . . . smells good in here,” he said, as he walked over to the sword rack and put Tessaiga in its place.  “Rin said not to rush in the morning.  She wants to feed Atae something special for lunch.  Seems he caught a rabbit and gave it to her.”

“I know,” Kagome said, putting pickles on each tray.  “He told me all about it.  I hope Yukika doesn’t give her any trouble, though.”

“My little girl?  I doubt it.” He walked over to the fire pit and sat down on the mat at his place next to Kagome. “She and Ginhime’ll just sit there and giggle and play with their dolls, and Sesshoumaru will let them both crawl all over him and pull his hair.  Who would have thought he’d be such a pushover for little girls?”

Kagome giggled, then dished up the rice into bowls.  “Hungry?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he replied as she put his tray in front of him.  “So now that we have the house to ourselves, what ya want to do?”

“Oh, I thought we’d eat dinner.”  Her smile was coy.

“Anything more?” he asked. His eyes were warm and suggestive.

“You could roll out the futon while I clean up,” she said, taking a bite of her rabbit.

“Then what?”  He moved to steal a pickle off her tray, but she slapped his hand.

“If you don’t steal my pickles,” she said, popping one into her mouth, “I could think of something else.  The bath water is hot.”

His hand slipped to her thigh.  “Maybe we can make the bed hot, too.”

“I expect so,” she said, resting her hand on his, “But dinner first.”

“Right,” he said, and picked up his rice bowl. They ate in quiet for a while.

“There’s more if you want it,” she said as they finished their meal.

“There’s more that I want, but that’s enough dinner,” he replied, standing up.  “I’ll go lay out the futon.”

Kagome, gathering up the dishes, just smiled.

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