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Word counts....

Went a little crazy today, and wanted to get an idea of how much I've written in my post manga InuYasha story universe:

Using the word counter at as my source, which is a little more generous than the one on my word processor, but a lot easier to wrangle for this type of stuff,  if I count just my post manga universe poems, oneshots and drabbles (including a few pieces that actually happen before Kagome's return, but were written for the post manga universe, I've done

165,474 words.

If I add in Yesterday's Tomorrows, which was the start of all this stuff, really, the number goes up to:

186,772 words.

That's a lot of mostly IK stuff.  My goodness.  I also wrote another 55,000 words on a story for the NaNoWriMo, some revision for Evil in Men's Hearts, the revision of After the End, a few non-fanfic short stories, and lots and lots of non InuYasha poetry.

There will be at least one year in my life that I can claim I was a productive writer.
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