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Drabble: Dreamtime

Absolutely shameless IK fluff.  Takes place 3 days after she's returned.


It was late afternoon. Kagome knelt down by the stream, next to a small pile of vegetables.  She scrubbed the dirt off of a long white daikon root in the cold water, then put it in her basket.  She was reaching  for the last item when she caught a flash of red out of the corner of her eye.

InuYasha walked up to her, an almost pout on his lips, but a pleased glint in his amber eyes. “There you are,” he said, squatting down next to her.  “I missed you.  This for dinner?”

Kagome laughed as she finished rinsing the handful of greens.  “Yes, Sango showed me another recipe. But InuYasha, I’ve only been gone a little while, not even ten minutes,” she said, putting the vegetables back into the basket and standing up.

“Yeah,” said the hanyou, walking behind her.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. “But you were gone so long the last time.”  He nuzzled her neck, and his breath made her shiver a little.  “Maybe I’m afraid if I turn around, you’ll be gone, and I just dreamed you came back.”

She leaned against him, relaxing into his warmth. “I’ve been back for three days.  That’s a long time for a dream.”

He rested his cheek on her head.  “Doesn’t mean anything. I was in a bad dream for three years.”

Kagome rested a hand on his. “That dream’s over for good, InuYasha,” she said.  Then she straightened up, and leaning forward, she broke out of  of his hold and grabbed the basket off the ground. Taking his hand, she said, “Let’s go see if I can cook this as well as Sango.”

“This dream’s much better,” he said.  “I hope I never wake up.”

“Me, too,” she replied, and together, they walked back to the house.

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