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Oneshot: One Morning's Surprise

Takes place early April, 1564 in my timeline

One Morning’s Surprise

The house was finally quiet.  Atae was off to do his schooling with Miroku, and InuYasha was doing his patrol around the village, and Kagome thought she was going to get to catch up with her sewing.  She was busy making a kosode for one of Sango’s oldest girls when a shadow fell across her sewing table.

InuYasha was standing in front of her obviously trying hard not to laugh about something. 

“You’re back already?” she said, looking up.

He shook his head.  “Never made it. I want you to come see something,” he said. “Hurry up or you’ll miss it!”

“Miss what?” she said, tucking her needle into the fabric.

“Come on,” he said, grabbing her by the hand and lifting her up.  The soft rosy linen she was sewing slithered off her lap and onto the floor as she was pulled to her feet.

Kagome frowned at her work and then up at her husband. “What is it, InuYasha? I really need to get this done.”

“It can wait,” he said, smiling broadly.  “You may never get another chance.  But you just have  to see this.”

Still frowning a little, but curious as to what had gotten her husband this excited, she followed him out of the house. Once off of the veranda, he knelt down on one knee, turning his back to her.  “Get on,” he said.  “We’ve got to be very quiet, or we’ll miss it.”

“Now you really have me curious.  Just what is it we’re going to see?” Kagome asked, hiking up her skirts as she climbed on her husband’s back.

“Just wait,” he said, and began to silently lope off in a gentle run.  “No more talk.”

More curious than irritated, Kagome rested her head on her husband’s shoulder but didn’t ask any of the questions that were racing through her mind. After a few minutes InuYasha stopped for a moment, and checked the wind.  “Don’t want to spook’em by letting’em smell us or we won’t see anything,” he whispered, then continued a round about way that ignored any path.

Moving stealthily, he headed into a patch of brush and trees that Kagome knew edged a meadow where she sometimes went herb collecting.  He silently leapt into the branches of one of the trees, and carefully deposited his wife next to the trunk, putting a finger to his lips when she started to speak, and then he pointed.

There lying in the grass, his mokomoko carefully laid out around him, was Sesshoumaru.  His silver hair poured out behind him.  Snuggled comfortably on his chest was a small bundle of white hair and pale blue cloth and two puppy ears.  One of the ears twitched.  Both seemed fast asleep.

“Who would have ever thought it?” InuYasha said in a very low voice.  “My brother babysitting.”

Kagome thought back to the first time she saw the youkai, and suddenly, couldn’t suppress a giggle.

Sesshoumaru cracked open his eyes, and quickly spotted the two.  “If you wake her, you die,” he said, in a soft, but clearly understood voice.  “Last night was . . . difficult.  Don’t bother Rin; she needs some rest.”

“Poor Ginhime. Colic?” Kagome whispered.

“Human,” Sesshoumaru replied, and closing his eyes, he rested one hand on his daughter’s back, and went back to sleep.

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