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Drabble: Leaf Fall Evening

a little IK for ya

I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi

Leaf Fall Evening

Kagome sat behind InuYasha  as the last light of the day faded away and the lamp began to cast it’s warm light on them.  She pulled a leaf out of her husband’s hair, touching his triangular ear, which twitched as her fingers brushed it.  “What were you doing today?”

InuYasha turned a little to face her and gave a wry grin.  “Climbing trees during leaf fall,” he commented.

“And what were you doing up a tree?” Kagome asked.  She ran her boxwood comb through his silver hair, and found a second leaf.

“Thinking, mostly,” he replied.  “Watching.”

She lifted a section of his hair and drew the comb through it.  It flowed through her fingers like fine silk.  “And what were you thinking about?”

“Oh, life, I guess.  You and me.  What it’s gonna be like to be a father.”  He turned around again.  His eyes glinted in the lamplight.  “How different everything is from last year.”

“Last year, my teachers were trying to help me decide what to do with my life, but nothing they tried to interest me in felt right.,” Kagome said, drawing her comb through his bangs.  “That’s because nothing they could offer me was right.”

“Nothing WAS right,” he said, taking the comb out of her hand.  “You weren’t here.”  He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

She snuggled against his chest, and he rested a hand across her gently swelling middle.  They sat that way for a moment, then Kagome quickly kissed him on the chin and sat up.

“Ready for dinner?  The rice should be ready,” she asked, picking up her comb.

He pulled her back down into his arms.  “Can I have dessert first?” he murmured, muzzling her neck.

Kagome laughed.  “Only if you want burned rice.”  She pulled back out of his arms, and moved over towards the fire pit.  Sighing, but content, InuYasha went to join her.

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