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True confessions of an IY fanfic writer

1.  I do not personally  find Sesshoumaru sexy.

2.  My favorite secondary character is Toutousai.

3.  Of the IY core group, I think I would enjoy spending time just to talk with Miroku the most.

4.  I do wish RT had developed the Inu connection with the afterworld a little better.  Sesshoumaru, Sesshmom, even Inupapa seem to have a connection to the hell regions (witness the Meidou connections, and even InuPapa's burial site, and the time Sessh brought the Unmother up that RT just never made clear.

5.  I don't believe Sessh is a ball of angst, as much as a serious, intense young man.

6.  I secretly (well maybe not so secretly) wish I had hair like Naraku, only red. 
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