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Drabble: Climb the Mountain

An exact, 100 word drabble written for IYhed.    Naughtier than usual for me.  IK, of course.  Intimate, not long married people's banter.

Climb the Mountain

InuYasha  lay there, covered only with his white kosode draped across his middle.  His eyes were dark and smoldering as he looked at Kagome who sat next to him, wearing nothing at all.  He liked how the lamp light accented her curves.  The center of the kosode tented impressively in his appreciation.

“Oniyama,” she said.  “You call him ogre mountain?”

He smirked at her, a long, slow wanton look.  She blushed for some reason under his amber gaze, and could feel her body tingling as he inspected her. 

“That’s right,” he said.  “Wanna climb the mountain and meet the oni?”

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