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Poem: I Saw You in the Springtime

(someone gave Poetry Muse too much sugar this time, I think.  Could be IK, from Kagome's POV.  Or maybe not.)

I Saw You in the Springtime

I saw you in the springtime
looking up and standing still
staring up through the trees branches
budding pink above the hill –
the sunlight dappled gently,
light and shadow touched your hair,
but you seemed quite lost in thought
as if you were not really there.

I wondered what you saw
as you stared beyond the trees,
while pink petals drifted downward,
stirred by the light spring breeze.
There were days I really wondered
what you hid  inside your heart,
things I wanted you to tell me
but you never got to start.

A petal, all soft pinkness,
drifted down before your face –
holding out your hand,
you let it land with easy grace.
A smile touched your lips
as you turned and saw me stand;
your eyes warmed up like honey
as you held out your strong hand.

“It made me think of you,”
you whispered to me there,
“This time of year, the blossoms,
And something in the air.”
I leaned against your shoulder,
placed my hand above your heart.
How much you had to say to me –
words were merely just the start.

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