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Tweets for the day:

10:30 @shawnahooke Yay for our good hubbies! #

18:01 @shawnahooke Do they listen to ya, girl? #

18:10 I'm actually watching a football game... #

18:24 Yay BSU! 7-0! #

18:29 Get some eyes, refs... #

18:40 Hubby is discovering why we don't watch football so throats already getting sore from yelling for the team.... #

18:42 Yay BSU! 14-0! #

18:47 @shawnahooke LOL. If you can't yell, what good is it? #

18:48 @kmoaton that it does! #

18:58 Guys, you gotta get your running game together.... #

19:29 BSU touchdown with 8 seconds left on the clock for the first good extra point, though...20 to nothing score...yay broncos! #

20:07 Touchdown! Using the run! you go guys!...27 zip, BSU! #

20:17 So I bought a Glen Cook novel, and was going to curl up with a bowl of frozen yogurt and get away from the puter...maybe after the game... #

20:18 Brain needs a break away from computer screens...but fingers are reluctant to let go of the mouse.... #

20:27 End of the 3rd q: 34-0, BSU. Definitely, even with their flaws, BSU is playing a dominating game. #

20:41 @shawnahooke Geaux Tigers, even if I didn't see the game...Yay, Broncos just intercepted! #

20:42 Touchdown! 41-0! Yay Broncos! #

20:53 @shawnahooke Ah, now you know the goodness that is Chris excellent coach. #

20:54 Yay! Broncos just intercepted again! #

20:58 Touchdown! 48 - 0 with less than 2 minutes #

21:02 Yay Broncos! final score 48-0!!!! #

21:59 @magedelbene Both my mom and my dad's mom were sport junkies...I tend to follow the rankings even if I don't always watch the games.... #

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