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Today's Tweets

Tweets for the day:

10:03 @shawnahooke Are they reenacting a particular battle, or a generic CW style battle? #

10:38 @quirkyslayer It's been so slow...drives me crazy... #

10:40 @shawnahooke Me and hubby used to do CW reenacting, so I was particularly curious. And we both had lots of family in it... #

10:43 Time to write fluff...want it to be a giftfic for KWT, but it counts if I get it finished early enough...Pink is being lazy this morning... #

10:52 @quirkyslayer same thing here...I hope they get it fixed before I finish the fic I'm writing right now... #

11:09 @CalFireNews Star Fire was still going, too. Hubby was there as a PIO and about to be demobed. Weren't sure how he was going to get home! #

13:05 New IK drabble: Spring Picnic #InuYasha fanfic #

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