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Poem: Midnight Contemplation

IK poem for a change

Midnight Contemplation

He knew there was life
before she was there –
he remembered it,
a sad, gray place.

Somehow, lying here in the shadows,
curled around her,
it seemed those days happened
to someone else,
not to him.

Who was that lonely man,
who used to lie out under the stars
and wonder what it would be not to be alone,
who only knew the touch
of a hand raised in anger or curse,
no place to call his own?

Could that have ever been him,
he who was husband and father,
lover and beloved,
who had a place in the world
standing beside her.

He trailed his hand down her thigh,
and pulled her closer to him,
planted a small kiss on her shoulder,
and contemplated redemption
and how a woman’s love
could change the world.

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