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Oneshot: Getting Her Attention

Originally written for IYhed, with a few corrections from that version.  Takes place ca. July, 1557 in my story timeline

Getting Her Attention

It was getting late.  Kagome, already dressed in her sleep robe, sat next to the lamp, trying to get a little sewing done before she went to sleep.  InuYasha, also dressed for bed, tended to the fire pit, banking it for the night.  She listened as he worked then padded over to sit near her.  Looking up, she saw him sitting against the wall, his arms crossed in front of his chest, with a silly smile plastered on his face.

“What are you smiling about?”  Kagome said.  She shifted the fabric she was working on, a piece of blue and green printed fabric that she let drape  across her lap as she worked on it.

 He leaned his head back against the wall, but didn’t stop smiling.  “Oh, nothing,” he replied.

Kagome looked at the eye of her needle, and deftly ran a fine thread into it.  Looking past it as she pulled the tail of the thread through, she saw him still looking at her with a small, but knowing smile.  Raising an eyebrow, but not saying anything, she began to work on the next seam.

She heard some rustling. When she looked up again, he was still smiling, looking like a cat who ate the canary and was rather pleased with himself.  He had also moved a little closer.

“You’re definitely thinking about something.  I can tell, you know.  Are you trying to play a game with me?” she asked, turning back to her work.

“Would I do that?” he replied.

Not moving her eyes from the seam she was sewing, she nodded.

“Feh,” he said. “I just like watching you.” 

She peeked  up in time to see that his smile lingered, not quite transforming into a smirk, but getting close.    “I know you’re up to something,” she muttered, dropping her head quickly and  stabbing the fabric with her needle harder than necessary.

“What makes you say that?”  He moved closer, picked up the fabric she was sewing, and touched it gently.   His smile was less smirky, but the look had not yet gone totally away. “It feels so soft.”

“Yeah,” Kagome said, pulling the fabric out of his hands.  “That’s the cotton cloth Sango got for me.  It’s very soft, a lot nicer than the hemp cloth, but it washes better than silk.  I won’t have to unstitch it each time I wash it.  It’ll be nice to not need to sew as much.”    She neatly tucked the needle into the fabric, and then folded the garment up and replaced it in her sewing basket.  “I can see I’m not going to get any more work done tonight.”

“Keh,” he said, moving right next to her.  “You work too hard anyway.”

Leaning against him, she smiled her own smile as he slid an arm around her.

“That cloth,” he said.  “It reminds me of something else that’s very soft.” His fingers deftly worked the knot of her obi.

“What?” she asked.

The obi let loose, and he slid his hand between her thighs.  “The skin right here,” he said.  “Wanna go to bed?”

Kagome laughed a little.  “Might as well.  You’re not going to let me work, are you?”

“Damn right,” he said, unable to keep the triumph out of his voice.  His fingers slid higher, towards the center of her warmth.  She shivered.

“You win this time,” she murmured. “But next time, don’t smile so much.  It makes you look silly.”

“Oy, woman,” he said, lifting her up to carry her to bed. “It worked, didn’t it?”

“Once,” she replied.

“Shut up,” he said, letting his lips find hers.  Pretty soon, she forgot whatever it was she was going to say in reply.

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