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18:50 @kriscynical Someone dissed Kagome to your face? Shakes head at the couth of some people.. #

18:51 @shawnahooke I don't know about that...I kind of rank chocolate brownies as pretty close to nirvana, myself...LOL #

18:55 @shawnahooke I'll take'em with or without nuts...but oh, I do like'em.... #

21:10 @kriscynical You will have to tell me about her when you get I'm very curious... #

21:37 @shawnahooke Glad to hear that... #

22:26 New IK Oneshot: A Surprise Too Early in the Morning #InuYasha fanfic #

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  • Oneshot: Foxed

    Don't faint! I actually wrote a fic! Takes place about 7 years or so after Kagome's return. Foxed Darkness and a gust of wind followed…

  • Oneshot: One Evening in October

    This is a belated giftfic for kriscynical. Happy belated birthday! One Evening in October InuYasha’s mouth grazed along the…

  • Oneshot: Spring Snowstorm

    A dash of IK, just because. Spring Snowstorm InuYasha struck the flint with the steel, and watched the sparks, cascading in bright streaks in the…

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